World Radio Day 2024: EI Towers celebrates his centenary

13 February 2024

Today, 13th February 2024 we celebrate the World Radio Day, the international day dedicated to the radio proclaimed by UNESCO, which this year coincides with the centenary of the birth of the radio.

To celebrate this important anniversary, an important event was organized in Milan with the participation of speakers, artists, publishers, directors of Italian radios, together to celebrate the radio as a source of information, entertainment and inspiration.

Our company, which has been operating in the radio and television broadcasting sector for years, offering hospitality and maintenance services to radio networks, would like to express its warmest congratulations to all radio operators and listeners, who have contributed to making this medium unique and indispensable.

The radio signal, in analogue (FM) or digital (DAB) technology, intended for an increasingly mobile listener, requires a widespread distribution of stations that only a national tower operator like EI Towers can guarantee. We are proud to be alongside radio broadcasters by offering them appropriate solutions to guarantee the best possible experience for their listeners.

We also recognize the importance and support the development of digital radio broadcasting, which has opened up new opportunities and challenges for the sector. Digital radio, in fact, offers greater sound quality, a greater number of channels and a variety of new services, which enrich and diversify the radio offering.

We invite you to follow the World Radio Day 2024 to keep up to date with all the news and surprises that the radio has in store for all of us.
Enjoy World Radio Day by enjoying some good radio and happy birthday to the radio!