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In compliance with the conditions prescribed by the Italian Anti-Trust Authority (Autorita’ Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato) upon the adoption of Order no. 23117 on December 14, 2011, this section makes available the detailed list of the towers owned by and/or available to EI Towers and/or the subsidiary, Towertel, with the indication of the related geographic coordinates for each access point.It is possible to locate the towers directly by doing a search with the interactive map on this page or through the PDF file.It is noted that there may not be exact correspondence between the geographic coordinates indicated for certain towers and the actual location of the same.It is furthermore noted that EI Towers is not able to specify in advance the existence of any non-availability constraint for any of the towers. EI Towers shall be able to indicate hosting limits, if any, only upon a specific detailed request of the customer, also taking into account the type of request submitted. In any event, the actual availability of any tower is subject to EI Towers’ determinations in terms of physical space and load-bearing structures. The customer remains responsible for the electromagnetic impact studies provided by law and the related permit formalities.