Internet of Things

EIT SMART: The Excellence of a Dedicated IoT Network

EI TOWERS, through a groundbreaking decision, in 2015 set up a unique, state-of-the-art network infrastructure exclusively dedicated to IoT, managed by the subsidiary EIT SMART.

EIT SMART is the only national IoT network operator able to guarantee international interoperability by integrating seamlessly with the networks of more than 70 “0G Consortium” operators using the same 0G Sigfox communication standard.



The success and growth of the IoT market is closely linked to the concept of an ‘ecosystem‘ and the interrelation of its players at all levels of the value chain, from chipset manufacturers to system integrators. Within this context, EIT SMART positions itself as an IoT “technological enabler” and provides a secure and high-performance network infrastructure for the development of innovative IoT solutions.

This makes it possible to create intelligent solutions that would previously have been unsustainable due to high implementation costs, high energy consumption on the sensor side and transmission protocol limitations in terms of security.

Technology: Advantages and Uses

0G technology is based on an innovative UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) wireless communication protocol invented by Sigfox, operating on the free ISM 868MHz band.

0G technology provides numerous advantages over existing communication networks such as:

  • Its ease of use
  • Its affordable cost
  • Its low-energy consumption
  • Its safety
  • No electromagnetic pollution



Fields of Application

The fields of application of 0G technology are potentially unlimited and transversal because there are numerous sectors that benefit from this new communication technology.

The experience we have gained enables us to present case histories on a variety of product sectors.

Here are some practical examples of the use of the technology and the advantages it offers in a number of different fields of application:

Logistics & Transport


Utilities & energy

Road and infrastructure monitoring

Agriculture & Enviroment

Smart Cities

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