Internet of Things

Nettrotter was established as a company to develop the Sigfox network in Italy and to sell connectivity services on a subscription basis for the country’s IoT market. In addition to the major effort to implement its network in Italy, Nettrotter also focuses its attention on the promotion and implementation of use-cases that can benefit immediately from this innovative infrastructure, including: water monitoring; homecare; environmental data logging; the geolocation of vehicles, animals and people; personal and building safety.
Nettrotter was established as a company in 2015 to develop a network dedicated exclusively to the IoT, based on LPWA SIGFOX technology. Nettrotter operates in Italy as a Sigfox Operator.
Nettrotter has a mission to contribute actively to the creation of a better and more efficiently connected country. Nettrotter has created a new cutting edge wireless network in Italy dedicated to objects which have not until now been connected to the existing network or which have been but only in an ineffective way.
The Nettrotter network is based on LPWA SIGFOX technology. This innovative new ultra narrow band wireless technology operating at free frequency 868MHz delivers numerous benefits, and no downside, over existing communications networks. It therefore represents the ideal solution for any connected application that requires simplicity of use, cost containment and low power consumption, as well as offering the additional benefits of excellent security and support for mobility.
The IoT network developed by Nettrotter offers effective national coverage and provides efficient, reliable and simple management of the information required by each customer. The areas of application are potentially unlimited and numerous sectors can benefit from the new LPWA SIGFOX technology: agriculture and the environment, automotive, construction, consumer electronics, emergency and security services, healthcare, intelligent buildings, production and purchasing, commercial and recreational activities, intelligent cities and public transport, utilities.
Nettrotter is working at the cutting edge of development on an ecosystem that offers the most innovative IT companies, sensor and device producers, and service providers significant growth opportunities, contributing to value creation for the end user.
Nettrotter is building a group of partners with the goal of implementing and promoting turnkey solutions for the Internet of Things.