Broadcast Services

EI TOWERS Group plays a leading role in the evolution of the digital terrestrial platform, offering network operators multiple integrated services delivered to the highest quality standards and based on:

  • consolidated know how
  • broad-based R&D initiatives
  • highly qualified personnel throughout Italy
  • civil and plant infrastructure covering all regions

Network operators can commission EI TOWERS to create a tailor made bouquet of services based on their requirements, or alternatively outsource network management to the company entirely, from planning and signal transmission, to broadcast sites and equipment rental services.

The comprehensive range of service includes the provision of DTT transmission capacity to local television publishers, in the technical areas where EI Towers has been assigned the rights to use the frequency at local level following the procedure called by the Italian Government (MISE) as part of the refarming process (700 MHz bandwidth).


Audio / Video / Data Signal Transmission

We use our powerful network infrastructure facilities, with planning provided by the Broadcast Center and technical supervision by the Master Control Rooms in Milan and Rome, both of which operate 365 days a year, to manage audio and video contribution services in Italy and worldwide on behalf of broadcasters, rights holders and anyone who needs to distribute live content, supervising the various stages of signal transmission by optical fiber, satellite or radio link. The presence of qualified personnel in event locations forms part of the added value offered to customers by EI Towers, providing guarantees of ongoing support and rapid response. EI Towers also offers support for outdoor TV broadcasts in the form of the radio camera connection services needed to operate and remotely control TV cameras that aren’t connected to the mobile studio by cable. A fiber optic network connecting the football stadiums of all Serie A and many Serie B clubs allows us to provide monitoring, high quality HD and UHD signal transmission, and permanent data circuits, with a control room in every location.
The “TOTEM” Net Video Box system available in EI Towers Media Buildings across Italy and in leading cities worldwide can establish live A/V links without the need for studio personnel, significantly reducing the cost of the service. The system is based on a permanent low latency optical fiber link that facilitates the conversation between studio and guest.

EI Towers - Contribution POP


The new IBC is located in a 2,400 square meter building spread over two levels at the EI Towers headquarters in Lissone.

EI Towers supports Lega Serie A by providing contribution and distribution services for audio, video and data signals in Italy and around the world, for broadcasters and rights holders.

Twelve (12) main signals (plus 12 backups) are transported from the stadiums to the IBC for all the matches of the Championship, the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup, 12. All the graphics, collective and subjective virtualizations are added here in IBC and then the signals are redistributed, through fiber links, to DAZN, Sky Italia, Rai and Mediaset. The signals are also distributed all over the world with different branding.

The IBC also boasts the presence of the Centralized VAR Room: 12 VAR rooms and a supervision room where referees and technical staff process images from the stadiums in support of arbitral decisions.

Each match is commented in Italian, English and Arabic. There are a total of 16 commentary booths. 

In addition to the activity dedicated to live broadcasting and production of the matches, IBC also gathers the highlights of the Lega Serie A matches in the post-production room, in the three languages ​​of the race commentary, Italian, English and Arabic.


  • 2,400 sqm on 2 floors
  • 80 technicians and production workers
  • 1 megawatt of electricity
  • 980,000 conditioning refrigerators
  • 130 km of electric cables
  • 65 km of video and optical fiber cables
  • 40 km of data cables
  • 230 TV monitors


  • 24 editing stations
  • 16 commentary booths
  • 3 post-production rooms
  • 1 Master Control Room
  • 1 Control Content Room
  • 1 room for infographics
  • 2 virtualization rooms
  • 1 conference room


  • 12 VAR rooms
  • 1 supervision room


  • 18 Serie A stadiums connected via optical fiber
  • 10 + 10 Gbps Stadium / IBC connectivity
  • 1080p50 HD signals
  • 2160p50 4K signals
  • 12 + 12 Stadium / IBC signals
  • 4 + 4 IBC / Stage return signals
  • 320 signals sorted per match round
  • 5 different contents produced and distributed in Italy, Europe, America, Asia and MENA per single game

Data Connection

The 6.000 km redundant optical fiber network guarantees the interconnection among all EI Towers regional branches and some of the major exchange points. Through this widespread network EI Towers is able to offer a fast and reliable data connection service over the national territory, as well as peering services with the main players of the sector.


Through its data connection network, EI Towers offers internet access services to its clients with guaranteed bandwidth. Our internet connection is highly reliable, fast and widespread throughout the Italian territory and is available in Point to Multi Point and Point to Point communication.

The Service Charter was drawn up according to the directives of the Italian law.
The Service Charter provides evidence of EI Towers commitment to operate in the market in order to obtain the constant improvement of quality standards in relation to the needs and expectations of their clients and enhance professional relations.
This document provides useful information on the principles and regulations at the basis of our relation with business clients as well as the options our clients may request assistance, forward complaints and proposals.