EI TOWERS Group plays a leading role in the evolution of the digital terrestrial platform, offering network operators multiple integrated services delivered to the highest quality standards.

Radio signals broadcast using analogue AM/FM or DAB technology to an increasingly mobile listener require a broad-based station distribution model that only a national tower operator like EI TOWERS can provide.

EI TOWERS Group's main asset is its huge portfolio of stations, including not only strategically located broadcast towers for long-range transmissions, but also urban rooftops which are ideally suited to meeting the needs of telephone operators working with GSM, DCS, UMTS and LTE technology.

EIT Smart was established as a company to develop the Sigfox network in Italy and to sell connectivity services on a subscription basis for the country's IoT market. In addition to the major effort to implement its network in Italy.


EIT SMART: The Excellence of a Dedicated IoT Network

EI TOWERS, a leading Italian company in the management of infrastructures for TV, Radio, Tlc and Internet of Things (IoT), renews its commitment to the IoT sector by founding EIT SMART. EIT SMART focuses on the management and development of a unique, state-of-the-art network infrastructure exclusively dedicated to IoT. EIT SMART provides a secure and high-performance network infrastructure,…

EI Towers working alongside DAB Operators for the development of digital radio networks in Italy.

The radio signal, in DAB technology, designed for a listener who will be more and more on the move, calls for a widespread distribution of stations which only a National Tower Operator such as EI Towers can assure. EI Towers is the ideal partner for DAB Operators and is able to guarantee an effective and efficient management of the network, offering the best infrastructures and a top notch…

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Contracts and economic conditions for national DVB-T broadcasters

As provided by the Italian Anti-Trust Authority (Autorita’ Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato) under Resolution C12245 – F2I S.G.R./PERSIDERA no. 27984 dated November 14th 2019, EI Towers publicly discloses standard contract and economic conditions for national DVB-T broadcasters. EI Towers within the terms and conditions of the antitrust Resolution is also amenable to entering into negotiations with all customers in order to identify contractual terms and conditions that can lead to a reciprocal and increasingly greater working relationship.

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