Radio Broadcast

Radio signals broadcast using analogue AM/FM or DAB technology to an increasingly mobile listener require a broad-based station distribution model that only a national tower operator like EI TOWERS can provide. EI TOWERS subsidiary EIT RADIO offers an extensive range of services from pure hosting and maintenance to a full service network operation package.

EIT Radio acts as an effective and efficient network management partner, providing the best infrastructure and guaranteeing a high level of service, in such a way as to allow the customer to focus on their core radio broadcast business.


EI TOWERS subsidiary EIT RADIO offers the following services:


We offer our customers the possibility of hosting their telecommunications equipment in special shelters close to masts and installing their transmitting systems strategically on these structures (or alternatively of sharing the systems already installed and owned by EI TOWERS), in such a way as to ensure the best possible geographical coverage. The shelters are fitted with ventilation/air conditioning systems and important stations are also provided with surveillance equipment.
We walk customers through the entire process, from choosing the most suitable site and equipment testing to commissioning and certification, and always offer assistance and solutions designed specifically to deal with any critical issues.
The transmitting system is often purchased by EI TOWERS and shared by various customers to ensure efficient and effective management of available mast space.

The service also includes:

  • Surveys and feasibility studies to determine the condition of the infrastructure following a request for hosting/installation and to investigate any issues relating to the infrastructure (antennas and masts), plant engineering (support systems, availability of space, and electric power systems), contracts and site usage rights.
  • Management of relations with the Public Administration and the presentation of applications on the customer’s behalf, complete with all the necessary attachments.

Monitoring and Quality Control

We monitor the entire plant infrastructure 24/7 to guarantee reliability.
Our cutting edge control facilities (Video and Network Operating Centers) and specialist personnel ensure that our services stay up and running. Our operating centers promptly despatch maintenance engineers to restore systems in the event of failures. Work may be performed remotely or directly on site. Monitoring covers hosted equipment, radio links, network infrastructure (eg. optical fiber), head end systems and audio/video/data signal connections.
Customers may also decide to monitor their equipment themselves and call in EIT RADIO to perform maintenance work in the event of failures.
The Operating Centers also play an active role in station access control and site security management.
Signal reception in specific coverage areas is monitored by specialist personnel, using telescopic masts and special equipment to identify any interference and malfunctions and certify coverage areas.
A broad-based system of probes is also in place to certify the quality of the signal received by users. A web portal provides Customers with direct access to this information.

Routine, First Response and Corrective Maintenance

We provide customised routine maintenance solutions for hosted equipment and transmitting systems. Our engineers perform periodic controls and specific maintenance work according to specially designed schedules to ensure efficient operation. We promptly despatch our engineers to provide first response assistance following customer reports or the detection of failures by our video centers.
We also perform repair work and corrective maintenance on our customers’ systems when requested or in cases where routine or first response maintenance work identifies the need for spot work. We also perform statutory technical safety checks on plants and systems.

Full Service

In addition to the traditional hosting and maintenance services typically provided by independent tower companies, we also offer a comprehensive turnkey package of advanced technology radio network management services. This full service offering includes multiple interconnected activities addressed to:

  • Network planning, design, implementation and management,
  • Digital signal transmission services to broadcast sites,
  • Equipment hire if required,
  • Certification and control of geographical coverage,
  • Head End design and operation.

EI TOWERS’ main customers are national and macro regional network operators, allowing them to fully outsource the management of network services and so focus their resources on content development.