Markets and Services

The EI Towers Group, by its organizational structure, offers a wide services and operators, radio, tlc and sector companies about Internet of Things range .

TV Broadcast

EI Towers offers to network operators multiple integrated service at very high quality levels based on: consolidated know how, infrastructure distributed all over the country and broad-based R&D initiatives.

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Radio Broadcast

EI TOWERS subsidiary EIT RADIO offers an extensive range of services from pure hosting and maintenance to a full service network operation package.

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Mobile & FWA

EI Towers subsidiary Towertel offers excellent and leading-edge services for the development of Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and Hyperlan networks, meeting to the needs of key telecom operators.

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Internet of Things

EIT SMART is the Italian SIGFOX Operator. The mission of the company is to actively contribute to the creation of a country connected by the development of the network based on LPWA Ultra Narrow Band Technology.

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