The main asset of EI Towers Group is its huge portfolio of stations which are ideally located to meeting the needs of mobile operators working with GSM, DCS, UMTS, LTE and 5G technology. The wireless services provided by broadband operators have reported spectacular double-digit growth in recent years.

EI Towers, thanks to the partnership with Towertel (formerly part of the group and recently acquired by Phoenix Towers International – in April 2021), offers a solid support to the development of the mobile operators and FWA networks.


EI TOWERS  offers the market the following services:


We offer our customers the possibility of hosting their telecommunications equipment in special areas or shelters close to masts and installing their transmitting systems and radio links strategically on these structures, in such a way as to ensure the best possible geographical coverage. The shelters are fitted with ventilation/air conditioning systems and important stations are also provided with surveillance equipment.

Small Cell & DAS

As a leading provider of wireless infrastructure, EI Towers helps mobile operators offer seamless wireless communications in difficult-to-cover areas. The Neutral Host DAS networks and Small Cells solutions provide the increased capacity needed at high density venues and areas.
Sites markets: shopping malls, hospitals, stadiums, airports, universities, city cen- ters, buildings and exhibition centers.

Professional Services

EI TOWERS offers an extensive range of preliminary professional services in preparation for hosting the customer’s equipment and in particular:
Service management:

  • Station scouting and acquisition for network development purposes,
  • Management of real estate contracts (purchase or rent),
  • General planning and permit applications,
  • Electromagnetic impact analysis,
  • Detailed planning,
  • Static and structural testing,
  • Civil works and the production and installation of heavy steel structures for poles, masts and towers,
  • Design of radio link backbone systems. Design and construction of dedicated radio link backbone systems, including the design of remote links.

Data Connection

The 6.000 km redundant optical fiber network guarantees the interconnection among all EI Towers regional branches and some of the major exchange points. Through this widespread network EI Towers is able to offer a fast and reliable data connection service over the national territory, as well as peering services with the main players of the sector.


Through its data connection network, EI Towers offers internet access services to its clients with guaranteed bandwidth. Our internet connection is highly reliable, fast and widespread throughout the Italian territory and is available in Point to Multi Point and Point to Point communication.

The Service Charter was drawn up according to the directives of the Italian law.
The Service Charter provides evidence of EI Towers commitment to operate in the market in order to obtain the constant improvement of quality standards in relation to the needs and expectations of their clients and enhance professional relations.
This document provides useful information on the principles and regulations at the basis of our relation with business clients as well as the options our clients may request assistance, forward complaints and proposals.