Together in the race for solidarity: EI Towers at the UniCredit Relay Marathon

9 April 2024

A wave of energy and team spirit invaded the streets of Milan yesterday.
EI Towers participated with three enthusiastic teams, each consists of four runners, in the UniCredit Relay Marathon, a non-competitive relay marathon that offered us a special opportunity to demonstrate that true progress is measured by the positive impact we can have on our community.
The peculiarity of this initiative is that it is totally supportive: to participate, each team had to choose one of the projects of the non-profit organizations participating in the Charity Program and take action in fundraising. We at EI Towers have chosen the Amici del Trivulzio, Martinitt and Stelline foundation, a non-profit organization that has dedicated itself since 2016 with love and care to create a home for the elderly, frail and disadvantaged people.
A wonderful spring Piazza Duomo welcomed the start and the finish of the marathon, which saw the participation of 16.000 people. The 4 relay runners took turns in 3 strategic points of the city: Pagano, Piazzale dello Sport, and Bonola, and on arrival they were welcomed by a regenerating and refreshing refreshment to celebrate the beautiful day spent together.
We are proud to have run in support of the Amici del Trivulzio, Martinitt and Stelline Foundation, our participation was more than just a run: it was a demonstration of solidarity and a way to actively contribute to the wonderful work that the Foundation does every day.
We shared unforgettable moments and strengthened our team spirit, demonstrating that joining forces is the true key to success.
Special thanks to all the runners and supporters who made this event possible.