EI Towers outlet village santangelo

Towertel’s DAS system connects the Città di Sant’Angelo Outlet Village

Towertel has activated its DAS system at Città Sant’Angelo Outlet Village, offering high-speed and high-quality connectivity to about three million visitors to the shopping destination near Pescara. As a leading provider of wireless infrastructure solutions, Towertel supports mobile operators by providing broad-based and high-quality wireless services in even the most problematic areas for coverage. The DAS system ensures indoor coverage across the entire 25,000 square meter surface area, guaranteeing connectivity in malls and the spaces occupied by 110 stores. Towertel’s DAS technology meets the connectivity needs of visitors, improving the shopping experience by allowing them to share photos and videos on their preferred social media channels and use metasearch, e-commerce and streaming-on-demand digital services that help match sales offerings with consumer demand.

Improve connectivity for a new shopping experience

The decision to give visitors to Città Sant’Angelo Outlet Village high-speed, high-quality connectivity also multiplies the resources available across the entire area, which extends from the Pescara Riviera to the storied towns and villages of the Abruzzo Apennines. Easy to reach both by car and public transport, the Città Sant’Angelo Outlet Village is a meeting and shopping destination not only for the local population, but also for thousands of tourists who each year flock to the beaches on the nearby Adriatic Riviera or come to recharge their batteries in the natural beauty of the Abruzzo National Park.

Visitors to shopping centers all over the world don’t only bring their smartphones now, but PCs and tablets too, using centers not just to make purchases, but also to browse through online catalogues, find the best prices and keep up to speed on what’s happening at work, perhaps during a quick lunch break in the food areas.

A Region to discover with the help of Towertel connectivity

Visitors to the Città di Sant’Angelo Outlet Village can now use their own devices to enjoy the shopping and tourism experiences it offers, thanks to the DAS system implemented by Towertel, which maximizes reception of the signal provided by Italy’s main mobile operators.