The Nettrotter network protagonist of the Workshop of the Milan Polytechnic Observatory dedicated to Internet of Things technologies

The Nettrotter network, based on LPWA Sigfox UNB technology, protagonist of the Workshop of the Milan Polytechnic Observatory dedicated to Internet of Things technologies

On November 20th 2020, the Internet of Things Observatory of Politecnico di Milano held a Workshop  dedicated to “Internet of Things technologies: networks, platforms and new systems”.

The Internet of Things Observatory was established in 2011 to address the growing interest expressed by the public and private sector in the potentialities offered by the model known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The Observatory will investigate the true opportunities of IoT from a combined technological and management perspective, in an environment marked by uncertainty about the current state-of-the-art of IoT applications, the enabling benefits and the expected developments of the market,

The Workshop aimed at analyzing the evolutions in the IoT field made possible by technological innovation, addressing some main issues: evolution of long-range communication technologies; analysis of the main trends characterizing the enabling platforms and associated ecosystems; analysis of innovations regarding edge computing and the evolution of the Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).

In the field of long-range communications, specifically referring to LPWA Sigfox UNB technology, Nettrotter commented on what had been observed over the last year both from the point of view of ecosystem and regulatory development. Particularly, further to a renewed interest for this type of technology, there is a general consolidation of the trend which entails, on the one hand the implementation of solutions for the localization and traceability of logistic assets, as witnessed by various projects launched at European scale (DHL, Groupe PSA, Michelin, Austrian Post)  and on the other the growth of new solutions able to bring innovation into the relating areas of application (agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, safety) thanks to the typical characteristics of the network: low energy consumption, long communication distances, minimum costs, ease of development and use.

EI Towers and Nettrotter, as partners of the IoT Observatory, will continue to interact with the main players in the sector to promote the development of projects that can benefit from LPWA Sigfox UNB technology.