EI TOWERS, a leading Italian company in the management of infrastructures for TV, Radio, Tlc and Internet of Things (IoT), renews its commitment to the IoT sector by founding EIT SMART.

EIT SMART focuses on the management and development of a unique, state-of-the-art network infrastructure exclusively dedicated to IoT. EIT SMART provides a secure and high-performance network infrastructure, developed on Sigfox 0G technology, capable of enabling the development of projects and new IoT solutions.

By combining the advantages of 0G technology – low cost, low energy consumption, security and the absence of electromagnetic pollution – with the expertise gained by EI TOWERS in the design, construction and management of network infrastructures and integrated communications services, EIT SMART is an indispensable technology partner for all companies creating and launching innovative IoT solutions on both domestic and foreign markets.

EIT SMART operates in Italy as an exclusive Sigfox Operator, and it ensures its customers global interoperability by integrating with the networks of all Sigfox operators who use the same 0G communication standard present in over 70 countries worldwide.

The fields of application of Sigfox 0G technology are potentially unlimited and cross-cutting, and there are many sectors that benefit from this communication technology specifically designed to efficiently collect data from sensors distributed throughout the territory.

EIT SMART will keep its partnership with NETTROTTER up and running. NETTROTTER is a company specialised in proposing complete IoT solutions, with which, since 2015, EI TOWERS has been developing an ecosystem in which the most innovative IT companies, sensor and device manufacturers and service providers can achieve significant growth opportunities, contributing to the creation of value for the end user.

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