EA Sports Supercup 2023 – Serie A League

19 January 2023

The EA SPORTS Supercup, played at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), between AC Milan, the 2021/22 Italian Serie A winner, and FC Inter, winner of the last Coppa Italia Frecciarossa, saw EI TOWERS playing a leading role, as technology partner of Lega Serie A. EI TOWERS along with an on-site crew and a dedicated remote team at the Master Control Rooms (MCR) in Lissone and Cologno Monzese, supported television production in order to distribute this great event to the many fans connected from all over the world.
The Audio and video signals contribution and distribution services were offered by EI TOWERS, not only to the event national licensee on Italian territory (Mediaset – Canale 5) and both clubs thematic channels (Milan Tv and Inter Tv), but also to over 35 foreign broadcasters transmitting the event signal in over 165 countries.

MCR EI Towers IBC Lega Serie A Lissone
MCR EI Towers IBC Lega Serie A Lissone

To transport the multiple signals differentiated by advertising and graphic content, 12 satellite distributions using 5 TES (Transportable Earth Stations) were organized between the EI Towers MCRs and the Riyadh venue, for a total of over 110 hours of redundant international connections, with a whole occupation of over 100MHz of satellite bandwidth on three European and American satellites. Furthermore, two IP transports, with SRT protocol, were also set up for Lega Serie A partners and broadcasters. 15 VoIP conferences were arranged to ensure coordination activities between the EI TOWERS MCRs and the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh.
The facilities of EIT SPORT, a subsidiary of EI TOWERS, active in the market of providing post-production services, ensured the commentary of the match in Italian, English and Arabic.
In addition to the activity dedicated to the live production, all the content for the promotion of the event, highlights and other audio-video contributions dedicated to the match commentary were produced at the Lega Serie A IBC in Lissone. More specifically, highlights in different formats (2 – 3 – 4 – 10 minutes) and with different branding in the three above mentioned languages were produced for both the domestic and international markets.